Different Types of Diamond Rings

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Have you been planning to buy diamond rings? There are many diamond ring designs, styles and models you can pick from. A diamond ring’s price depends upon the carat, cut, colour and clarity. You can also purchase diamond ring online at an affordable price. There are many types of diamond rings every one has its own style and design. Some of the popular diamond ring types are given below for the reference. It has become a more affordable and easy way to purchase diamond jewellery through reputable online stores due to the availability of broad variety of choice regarding to the size style and price.

Classic Solitaire:
As the name suggests, this ring type has a traditional diamond ring design that features a single diamond prong set on the band. This simple design simply has one diamond at the centre held by four or 6 delicate prongs. You can also go for sophisticated designs in which small diamonds are usually channel set around the band. Another popular classic ring design features three or five diamonds set at the centre.

Engagement Ring:
An engagement symbolises a couple’s love for every other and the promises made to each other. This design generally features a large stone set on a wide music group. Some people may break the norm plus choose rings with other gemstones, specifically stones that are believed to bring luck to the person. If you wish to promise your love that you would get engaged one day, then you can gift the promise band. This ring may or may not have diamond stones and the design usually has a heart or a lover’s knot at the centre.

Wedding Ring:
Though the style and design of a wedding ring depends on the individual, the traditional wedding ring design is an ordinary gold or platinum band. Contemporary wedding rings, however , have diamond jewelry set on the band. Wedding bands generally match the style of the particular engagement ring. Some couples exchange the particular three-stone ring, which is also known as the “Past, Present and Future” ring. This particular romantic ring captures the significance of the wedding vows and the promises designed to each other.

Eternity Ring:
Symbolising never-ending love, this ring is usually gifted by the husband to his wife on a special occasion. This has a continuous line of similar diamonds set around the band.

Friendship Ring:
Featuring a simple style, this ring symbolises a close relationship without any romantic feelings.

Cocktail Ring:
This extra sized ring has a large diamond or any other gemstone set at the centre. Also called because cluster ring or dinner ring, it is usually worn for parties plus special occasion.

Though it is small in dimensions, the significance it carries is big. Choose the right type according to the occasion as well as the wearer’s personality. Its price depends on its cut, colour, carat, and clarity.
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