Ways to get a Job in House Building

May 30, 2020 0 Comments

In January 2008 someone turned the particular lights off.
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There had been rumors during 2007 that housebuilding product sales were slowing up but after ten years of boom it was difficult to take them seriously. But by springtime the following year national housebuilders were closing regional offices and make redundancies on a mass scale. Eighteen months later most residential developers only employed between 30% and 50% of their pre recession workforce. Thousands of experienced professionals had been let go.

Many will never return to the industry yet what about those who want to recommence their particular career in residential development? Issue sounds like you, here is an action plan to make the most of the job opportunities on the market today.

First of all there is some good news. You can find more jobs in the UK housing market now than there have been for three years. The particular slash and burn approach to staffing requirementws overhead seems to be over. There is small growth in housebuilding and sales rates are not materially higher in 2011 than they were in 2010 but , which is the crucial point, builders are prepared to recruit in order to replace leavers. UNITED KINGDOM based new homes developers possess spent the past two years restructuring their own businesses to be profitable on roughly half the volumes they operated on in 2007. For most, they have arrived at that point and do not want their businesses to contract anymore then when someone leaves they recruit a replacement.

So now we have established there are jobs to pursue, how do you go about it?

First of all get your CV up to date. Don’t wait for a job to come up and after that start the CV. Be in a posture to react quickly. There is a great deal of literature available regarding the style plus science of CV writing but don’t get lost in the nuances of it. A good CV in housebuilding is no more than three pages of A4 with a clear chronology of work history and any relevant skills and training. Concentrate on the last 10 years of your work history and emphasize successes and achievements in each position and support with proof. Be wary of simply replicating your work description as this tells the reader everything you were supposed to achieve not that which you actually achieved.

So now the CV is ready, you need to find job opportunities to apply to. There are 4 main sources of housebuilding jobs the following:

1 . Traditional media advertising: You will discover housebuilding jobs advertised in Housebuilder, Showhouse, Building, Estates Gazette, plus occasionally in regional newspapers. The recruitment pages of the industry journals have dwindled significantly over the years but it remains a viable source of jobs.

2 . Online advertising: Building and Estates Gazette have both developed an online presence with regard to careers as an extension of their traditional recruitment advertising. In addition two specialist housebuilding job boards have been created.

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