The Comparison of Marcasite Earrings and Diamond Earrings

July 29, 2020 0 Comments

If you ask a woman whether she likes to put on jewelry or not, the answer will completely be yes. Indeed, jewelry is usually popular among women all the time, which can be traced back to the time of ancient A holiday in greece. Almost every woman loves to receive classy and exquisite jewelry to make them more fashionable and attractive. Whilst among all kinds of jewelry, earrings are among the best accessories for women, which can certainly enable women to flaunt their prestige value. There are too many kinds of earrings in the market. Here I want to listing two of the most popular earrings, marcasite earrings and diamond earrings. I evaluate the two things from the following aspects.

1 -Material
Diamond earrings are made of diamond just as the name suggests. However , marcasite earrings are not made of real marcasite. Instead, the real material is pyrite. Real marcasite is brittle and straightforward to be eroded, while pyrite has the same color with marcasite and can be kept for a long time. So manufacturers choose pyrite as substitution.

2 - Price
As is known to us, jewelry made of diamond is expensive. To some extent, it is luxurious to buy diamond which can only be afforded with the rich. However , marcasite earrings are usually cheap. As they won’t cost you a great deal, most of us can afford it.

3 - The designs
Both of them are usually beautiful and fashionable. But diamond stud earrings don’t have that abundant designs since marcasite earrings. Diamond earrings always reveal the similar styles, because the designer of brand jewelry must attempt to meet the requirements of their company. Yet marcasite earrings don’t have this kind of restriction. They are always unique which can make a female different from others and shine herself in the crowd.

4 – The receiver
If you are going to send your partner birthday presents, marcasite earrings probably more suitable. Apart from the features listed above, another reason should not be neglected. In my opinion, it is not essential to send too expensive presents to sweetheart. After all, there is a possibility that you may break up one day. Hence, it is proper to send your girlfriend relatively cheap jewelry.

But if the receiver is your wife, the problem will be different. Your wife is the most important people, aside from your parents, in your life. As your wife, she dedicates her life to love and care you, which allow you to concentrate on your job. So you can express your own love and gratitude through sending expensive jewelry. Meanwhile, wearing diamond can improve her temperament and help others to judge your personality and social status indirectly.

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