Diamond Skull Rings For Biker Fans

February 19, 2021 0 Comments

In a number of jewelry designs, materials and prices have evolved over the last two decades, especially in the realm of bold biker design accessories that are just the perfect method to extend the rebel walk, speak and wardrobe of hardy leather-based jackets, ripped jeans and tough boots.

Yeah, you got it right… we’re talking about Diamond skull bands and the like that are designed for the men who like everything on the outrageous side, especially their jewelry. Having a carefully crafted Diamond silver skull ring on one finger or more, the real motorcycle enthusiast gets to pull off a mean, menacing, don’t mess with me appear that is bold and properly right for the smokin’ Harley out in front!

Die-hard bikers, or ‘rebels’ as your grandma might call it, usually are picky with jewelry they’d wear.

1 . If it’s not hard rock legend worthy, it’s no good.
2 . If it appears cheap, it lacks class and pride. You wouldn’t use a rope instead of a bike chain now can you?
3. Tasteful additions of hot diamonds to skull rings is really a wild idea that finally makes motor cyclist jewelry a viable option vs . an average men’s diamond ring.
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Having diamonds It’s the combination of real, over the edge style and luxury.

When one wants to fire up the fire within, let it rise up in flames under a hot group of wheels – and ride more than every sedate fashion statement typical men’s jewelry has made so far, diamond eyed skull rings truly deliver.

Authentic Diamonds and Skulls: A New Revelation

To make a totally wicked diamond head ring, a silver ring is first casted and hand etched with stylistic flames, tattoos and/or some other details. The classic design requires Fine genuine diamonds in the. one carat to. 5 carat variety, which are then carefully set usually in the concave eyes of the head. Small stones can also adorn the particular forehead, jaw, or practically anywhere else on the ring. However , men generally don’t like tacky designs that include many small stones scattered about! If you are buying for your husband or even significant other, keep that in mind.

To preserve the masculine style and appeal, the traditional diamond skull ring has two brilliant round cut genuine expensive diamonds set in as the eyes of the skull. Countless designer thoughts for the keeping of black diamonds can bring on a more gothic themed look while still managing to reflect urban design in an inimitable way unlike every other staid men’s accessory piece. But each individual’s preference would be various so custom would be the only solution to avoid ending up with something unattractive.

For those that challenge the high seas along with burn their rubber on mean city streets – yes, the surfers and the motorcyclist mavericks, the silver skull ring patterned for the lines of a Pirates of the Caribbean theme, complete with cross bones, is a solid way to get a bold, obstruct engraving logo that expresses ‘dangerous to know’ while reflecting personal style.

Genuine diamonds, especially virtually flawless ones, do command a premium cost. However it might be less then you would think! You can get a superb piece with high polish in 925 pure silver with genuine, excellent diamonds for as low as $250.

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