Finished Basement – Ceiling Lights and Sub Floors

April 26, 2020 0 Comments

In the last article we went over exactly how your ceiling options and still left you with a decision to make. Hopefully you now know what type of ceiling you would like and we can layout your roof lighting. There are several options in light available today from recessed, to fluorescent, even halogen style. Really it comes to lighting your budget is the limit!

First of all we will discuss recessed lighting. These types of lights are popular for right now there ability to “hide” in a space and provide direct lighting on an area. These people install in a canister that must be prepared for and mounted in your roof. This is especially tricky in the case of fall ceilings so plan accordingly. They will need a certain amount of space close to them according to the manufacturers guide ranges for safety purposes. These lights work well in kitchen areas and to highlight objects in a room.

Next off we will look at fluorescent lighting. These lights range in size, form, and costs. They let away from a cleaner white light then the typical light bulb but some people do not care for it. Think of the lighting inside an office space or such if you need a reference point. These lights very last a longer period of time but can make a few noise over time. They require a ballast to power the light bulb and are included in the light but this is generally what wears out and caused flickering lights and noise as time passes.

Halogen lighting is becoming a popular way to obtain light in the modern remodel. They provide a warm light and are very compact. They are great for small areas and for highlighting walls or art. They also have a ballast inside the light but as of yet I have not heard about one flickering or causing noise like a fluorescent style light. To get a larger area I would avoid these types of for the time being though.

The last option we will discuss in lighting is the daily light bulb. These are cheap to have installed and if you have a properly rated electrical box put in can be converted to the ceiling fan also. Most property owners will still find this the most attractive and practical installation for his or her purposes. With today’s modern small fluorescent light bulbs they have even become energy efficient!

Lets begin to talk about sub flooring now.
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In you downstairs room you will more then likely have a cement floor. For comfort factors, and to reduce mildewing possibilities, contemporary basement remodels will install a subwoofer floor. These consist of either a 2 by four and plywood foundation or a modern plastic underlay. They will raise your future flooring off of the concrete creating an air barrier that helps to help keep the cold from coming through your carpet or other flooring. Plywood is a good option for the cost conscious but takes up a greater amount of spaced lowering ceiling heights. For owners with low ceilings or deeper pockets a modern plastic underlayment will be a far better option.

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