Writing a Speaker Proposal That Gets Noticed

January 27, 2021 0 Comments

Oh yes, the speaker proposal…. You ask yourself, “Where do I start?”, “How do I create a proposal that will get noticed out of hundreds of proposals?” Lost in confusion and frustration, you toss together a simple, plain ol’ proposal in hopes it will catch the eye of the hiring party. No, no, no we don’t want you to do that and that’s why I wrote this article to help you customize and create an eye-catching proposal.

First of all I would like to say: Be prepared to spend some TIME on your speaker proposal…if you want to get hired, get your foot in the door…this is what it takes…time, creativity and YOU.

I want to help you create and put together the most compelling and eye-catching proposal that the planner has ever seen come across their desk! I want all of you to feel the excitement and thrill of hearing time after time, “Your proposal was accepted”!

Remember, it all starts with submitting your speaker proposal…so let’s do it right!

So, if you’re ready let’s look at what is typically in a speaker proposal:

1. Personal Information

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Title of presentation (make a spark here!) Use titles that stand out and are unique

3. Length of presentation

4. Summary of presentation

5. Co-Presenters (if any)

6. Audience

7. Outline your presentation

8. Learning objectives of presentation/benefits audience will receive/end results

9. Bio of Presenter (short and sweet)

10. References/testimonials

11. Video, Audio and Supporting Documents

Below you will find a few proposal tips:

You want to customize your proposal with your own uniqueness…be you…be creative…let the true you shine through in your proposal, don’t try to be something your not…don’t try to duplicate or copy. I am always telling my clients that it is so important to discover yourself, your uniqueness…brand yourself!

For the most part your proposal will stay the same for each submission, but of course you will have to slightly modify it to tie your proposal into the topic of the conference and the needs of the audience.

When you have to modify – Mention the group to whom you will be speaking and their particular needs in your proposal, really study your audience, put yourself in their shoes as if you were listening to the speaker, what would you want to hear, what would you hope to learn and what would you hope to receive from being a part of the audience and conference/meeting…then give it to them…give them exactly what they are eager to learn…they are looking to you as the expert, for motivation and knowledge…and by delivering to their exact needs, you will find many more doors of opportunity begin to open for you.

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